Blame Game

People always want someone to blame, (or something), always.  You gotta blame something: hurt?  You gotta blame something.  Failure?  More blame.

The problem here is that it has become a gut reaction as Christians; we blame Sin.  Sin and Satan, not bad but often inaccurate.

Newsflash sometimes you only have yourself to blame sometimes people will blame even God. Wow what a shock –  not really.

In divorced families blame continually runs rampant.  It is like a cancer and is also what destroys families.  Children especially, are vulnerable to blame due to a lack of communication or lack of knowledge.  Because of blame, lies fester.

No wonder kids blame themselves.

The problem that I have with blame, aside from the obvious, is that it fixes nothing.  Nothing is accomplished when you blame other people and nothing is accomplished when you blame God.  All that it does is just make everybody feel bad and make everybody sad.  So why bother?  Why is it that we do this?

No-one wants to feel stupid, and above all – no-one wants to admit when they do wrong, This is something that goes back to the original sin, in Genesis.

Nobody wants to look bad – and mistakes tend to make you look bad.  The thing is, as Christians, we shouldn’t be worrying about looking stupid.

God is bigger than the bogey man, if looking stupid is the bogey man.

The Bible tells us not to worry about what man thinks, and to not perform for man alone, but for God who sees all and into the hearts of man.  The problem, in my opinion, comes with a lack of faith; and a lack of trust.

How can you trust that God will fix everything if you have no faith?

God hasn’t invited us to a party, but on a wild ride – if we crack under the slightest pressure and begin to blame everything on and off of planet earth, how are we supposed to be able to part the Red Sea?


Leadership, Change, Fear, and Faith.

As a leader, a good motto or rule of thumb is ‘Be the Change’.

Being the change is all well and good, but what if your change collapses after a while, or ends up not ‘profiting’ and succeeding in the area it was supposed to. What then?

So do you try to go ahead and lead, be the change? Or do you just not risk failure and the opportunity for change and continue to maintain the status quo?

If you are afraid of change – you have no faith.  With God All things are possible, and if you think that you are going to fail, you are doubting the sovereignty of God. If you say, “I’ve failed before with God’s help.” you need to re-think your definition of that word.

If you are afraid of change.  You are afraid of growth.  You are afraid of success.  You are afraid.

Similar to the parable of the talents, we are all given talent by the Lord, and if you are afraid of change, you are afraid of failure at utilizing your talent.

The absence of change is deadly – not just for individuals, but also for countries. Both societies and characters stagnate in the absence of change.

Without change – nothing will ever happen.  If God hadn’t changed the very fabric of the universe we would very simply not be here.  Without changing somethings, God could not have created the Heavens or the Earth.


I have some friends who have not led lives fraught with excitement/change, (and by excitement I mean weird and sometimes scary events as a result of living in a sin-cursed world).  While not bad people, because they have not been ‘tested’ as it were, by life.  They have not ‘suffered’ the same character development.  One case being so forward as to presume to be more pious than I; because for all of the things to have happened to me I must have done something to deserve them as opposed to themselves, who have lived their lives, ‘right’.

Essentially, I have led such a singularly crazy life because I am a sinner/bad person.


Two things to remember here:

  1.  We are all sinners – just because we have been forgiven by the grace of God, does not mean that there aren’t still consequences for those sins.
  2. God loves us, and because He loves us, He does not cause bad things to happen to us. He may allow bad things to happen – but He does not punish us.

Aside from all of this is the fact that hardship forces you to grow, and beyond all of the bad I can see the silver lining.

God may not cause these bad things – but He will use them to glorify Himself.

Change is a part of life, we required change in order to grow; if we fail trying to bring change, we will grow from it and we should not fear that, but be prepared to accept it and move on with grace.